13th FAI Women's World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship
1st FAI World Hang Gliding Class Sport Championship
19th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship
6th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship

22nd of June to 5th of July 2014
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Photos et Vidéos

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Les vidéos du mondial sont accessibles sur la chaine Youtube du Delta Club d'Annecy. Elles sont directement et toujours accessibles en cliquant sur l'icône Youtube se trouvant sous le logo de la compétition (en haut à gauche).

Une belle vidéo de nos amis Allemands est disponible en suivant ce lien


Les photos se trouvent sur la page G+ du Delta club d'Annecy (icône G+ en haut à gauche)

D'autres très belles photos de Francois ISOARD sont disponibles en suivant ce lien


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Photos & Videos

Portraits are from Lou & Elie. They are also in the Photos chapter (in better rez).

Photos from the Photos chapter are by Mado.

The championship videos:

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D Day+13: Podiums


  • Class 1: Yoko Isomoto (JAP), Françoise Dieuzeide-Banet (FRA) et Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER)
  • Class 2: Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), Andy Hediger (ARG) et Steve Cox (SWI)
  • Class 5: Tim Grabowski (GER), Norbert Kirchner (GER) et Christopher Friedl (AUT)
  • Class Sport: Mario Alonzi (FRA), Piero Zin (FRA) et Balazs Ujhelyi (HUN)


  • Class 1: Japan, France & Russia
  • Class 5: Austria, Germany & France
  • Class Sport: France, Austria & Hungary

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Honouring Masakazu Kobayashi

This July 3rd, Masakazu Kobayashi, a 44 years old Japanese pilot, passed away after hitting a cliff in the Lake Annecy area at Lachat de Thônes. The organisers express their sorrow to Masakazu’s family and friends, and to the Japanese pilots. A police investigation is being held and will find out the causes of the accident.

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Masakazu Kobayashi

The organisation of the World Hang Gliding Championships are sad to announce the death of Japanese pilot Masakazu Kobayashi. It seems like Masakazu Kobayashi hit a cliff. The organisers present their deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

For the organisation, Jean-Louis Debiée

Day+11: On the way to Le Pâquier

July 3rd... Take off at La Forclaz-Montmin, landing in Annecy city park Le Pâquier... Go!

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D Day+10: Waiting...

We wil not show the sad sight of today grey sky but will go back to yesterday Semnoz. Still... At 11h50, no decision yet to fly or not... 

Day cancelled at 1pm... Tomorrow should be GOOD!

D Day+9: Semnoz !

West-South-West wind. Good instabilité. It will be Semnoz.

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D Day+8: Up Again

Wetness and low ceiling soon burnt out. A new day for flying...

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D Day+7: Stormy Weather

Rain and a low ceiling lifting too late. The day is called off. Still, on the screen, everlasting sun  with the competition second video and the smile of the Class 1 Women.