13th FAI Women's World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship
1st FAI World Hang Gliding Class Sport Championship
19th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship
6th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship

21st of June to 5th of July 2014

Droit d'entrée: le paiement c'est maintenant!

Si l'on en croit les règles locales de la compétition (et il vaut mieux les croire), les droits d'entrée doivent être payés avant le 20 avril, sinon un supplément de 100 euros sera appliqué. À vos carnet de chèques ! Toutes les informations ici.

Entry Fee Payment: Act Now!

As per Point 7 of the local regulations: "NACs are requested to pay their pilots Entry fees before April 20, 2014." And also: "To any late payment a supplementary fee of 100 € will be applied." The deadline for payment without supplementary fee is in 5 days. Please act now! 


Annecy HG World: a first allocation, an extra registration


On this day, April 7, 113 pilots from 18 countries are selected and 8 pilots are on the waiting list. The pilots status is published here.

This championship has room for another 29 pilots. CIVL has decided to allow extra chance for pilots to compete and, in agreement with the organizers, is allowing an extra registration and allocation round.  

Places are available in all classes. Pilots must register and be nominated by their NAC before April 21. A second allocation round will take part on April 21 and results publish on April 22.

If more than 28 new pilots are registered (so the global maximum limit of 150 pilots is reached), priority will be given to countries having the less pilots registered. 


Entry fees


Payment of entry fees is unchanged. As per local regulation point 7:

- For pilots selected on April 6, NACs payment limit is April 20.

- For pilots selected on April 22nd, NACs payment limit is May 29.

- To any delay in payment, a supplementary fee of 100 € will be applied.


Entry fees are 450€ per pilot, 120€ per team leader, 450€ if the pilot is also the team leader.


Germany, Austria and United Kingdom Class 5 entry fees must be paid directly to FAI.

Account name : Federation Aeronautique Internationale

Account number: (Euro) 0425-457968-32

IBAN code : CHF31 0483 5045 7968 3200 0

Swift code : CRES CHZZ 10A


All other Entry fees must be paid to the organizer.



We ask the NACs and the NACs only, not the pilots themselves, to pay the entry fees.

We also ask the NACs to e-mail us a copy of the transfert so we can follow if they happen or not.


Waiting list


Pilots in the waiting list can be selected if their NAC ask for an exemption and if CIVL agrees to give it. Exemption template documents are to be asked for and sent back to CIVL Competition Coordinator, Nicky Moss, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Team leaders


The organizers would like to thank team leaders who took time to fill well in advance the online required documents. Some information are still missing and we ask the other team leaders to double check and enter the necessary items: pilots declared by the team leader; NAC letter for pilot nomination; name and contact of the NAC representative for the championship (it might be the team leader him/herself).


Thank you !